how to get cpc driver training

What is CPC?

The CPC is a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence which is a qualification for trained coach, bus and lorry drivers. It has been familiarized across Europe with the explicit aim of refining road safety as well as helping to uphold high standards of driving. The legislation came into result into the United Kingdom on 10 September 2009.

First presented in September 2008 (PCV) and September 2009 (HGV), Driver CPC has three primary purposes:

· To improve the road safety.

· Increase and underpin on existing driver knowledge e.g. digital tachographs, driver hours, rules as well as regulations, etc.

· To make sure new applicants have the essential knowledge and skills to carry out their responsibilities as expert drivers.

The primary CPC driver training is split into four parts.

· Theory test

· Case studies

· Practical test

· Automobile safety demonstration

It is compulsory to pass all four sections in advance anyone start to drive professionally

Periodic HGV Driver Training:

Professional drivers must have to make sure that they have completed 35 hours of regular CPC driver training every five years to be delivered with a DQC. It is up to the driver and employer to pick which topics they desire to study for their CPC driver training for logistics jobs.

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